Mini Tripod Holder

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Nt.Wt / Cont.
0.25 Kilogram
Mini Tripod Holder - 360 Degree Rotation (For Mobile and Digital Cameras)
Key Features:
- Mini Tripod - Selfie is not only very helpful to capture moments of photography, but also can hold the small digital camera steady.
- It is very comfortable while folding the legs and can capture every angle for HD video camera filming with small digital cameras.
- supports mobile phones upto 6 inches mobile handsets
- It has a panoramic rotation of 360 degree
- There is a switch which can fix the panoramic rotation angle which makes the clip, the camera/phone more stable.
- Also supports Selfie Sticks for those Selfie Sticks comes with a screw holder at the bottom of the stick. Those selfie sticks can be screwed in this stand.

DISCLAIMER \ READ THIS INSTRUCTION BEFORE YOU START USING: Please remember to release the lock before you try to twist or rotate else it will be broken.

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