Metal Coconut Scraper High Quality Metal (Removable Blade)

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Nt.Wt / Cont.
0.8 Kilogram
TypeIron MaterialIron

Product Description

  • GUARANTEED BUILT QUALITY: Having sturdy built quality with THICK IRON to last many years (unlike other models that comes with very light iron plate \ steel plating that is attractive in its look only which can be broken after a year, on regular use)
  • Works better than any other models. Since it is manual, very safe to use than the electric scrappers.
  • Very comfortable and useful kitchen gadget to scrape coconut. Easily adjustable screw without the help of any tools. Height can be extended till 14 cm so it will easily fit on any kind of kitchen slab. After usage, you can cover the blade with its cap for safety and also save from dust.
  • Easy to fix on the Kitchen table scrape manually. Easily removable and fixable at any type of tables
  • FREE one additional blade.


The Packet contains the below accessories:

1. Scraper with an inbuilt blade - 1 No.

2. Additional Blade (for future replacement) - 1 No.

3. Plastic Blade Cap for safety - 1 No.

4. Cardboard Sheet \ Rubber Sheet - 1 No.

5. Key screw (to screw in its place holder) -1 No.

6. User Manual - 1 No.


Fix in Almost No Time:

Recommended to insert the piece of carton box folded or a piece of cycle tube (attached in the packet) - on top and bottom side of kitchen slab (where the scraper's body part is in contact with the slab), to get more grip on the kitchen slab. You may also fold the corrugated box sheet and place for better seating.


Please see the DEMO VIDEO that applies for both models (removable blade \ fixed blade models)

DownloadCoconut Scraper User Manual