Cocopeat Compost / Coconut Husk (2 Kg.)

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Nt.Wt / Cont.
2 Kilograms
ClassificationBiological FertilizerStateFlakesTypeCompostPurity100

Farmerz Choice - Cocopeat Compost, Coir Pith \ Coconut Husk (2 Kg) - Nature and Pure (Non - expandable)

- Best suitable for Home \ Kitchen \ Terrace gardening. It reduces the frequency of watering as it absorbs and holds the water content for long duration.
- It supports more oxygenation which helps healthy root development
- Good for Terrace Farming and all types of gardening. It will help you to reduce the weight of soil conent in the pot when you do terrace farming.
- Since it is CHEMICAL-FREE ORGANIC PRODUCT it is non-expandable like the other expandable products that are machine pressed with chemical.
- 100% Organic Compost. Natural bio-fertilizer and soil conditioner